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Built for scale

Stencil is a schema registry that provides schema mangement and validation to ensure data compatibility across applications. It enables developers to create, manage and consume schemas dynamically, efficiently, and reliably, and provides a simple way to validate data against those schemas.

Version history

Stencil stores versioned history of proto descriptor file on specified namespace and name.

Backward compatibility

Enforce backward compatibility check on upload by default.


Ability to skip some of the backward compatibility checks while upload.

Descriptor fetch

Ability to download proto descriptor files.


Provides metadata API to retrieve latest version number given a name and namespace.


Stencil provides clients in GO, JAVA, JS languages to interact with Stencil server and deserialize messages using dynamic schema.

Trusted by

Meteor was originally created for the Gojek data processing platform, and it has been used, adapted and improved by other teams internally and externally.